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outstanding, dynamic, responsive interactive web design, mobile app design, social media, SEO and reputation management, HD video production, graphic design, marketing and sales support services at a price they can all afford.


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“We build your website to work beautifully on everything.”


Do I own my website outright after it is finished and do I have access to its back end content management system?

Absolutely! You own the frontend, the backend, and the domain name. You own 100% of your site and we provide you with a video instruction guide that will help you manage your backend and make all the necessary updates to your site. Your site will also be dynamic in the sense that it will work well across the board, ranging from your smartphone to your tablet to your laptop desktop and even your Smart TV with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Do I have involvement in the creative process and development of my website?

We involve you in every step of the creative process because your total satisfaction in design and functionality is very important to us. We first start out by giving you 3 mock ups based on your design instructions and then and then we ask you to pick one. Typically what happens is that you like something about every comp design that we give you and then we come back to you with a final design proof that incorporates all your desired elements. Once you are satisfied by the design we then start the programming process. Then, providing that you get us the content as described by your scope of work, your site will be done in a little as two weeks but at most 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of your website design and functionality.

Once the website is up, do I have access to make changes to it?

Absolutely! The content management system is easy to use, very intuitive, and user-friendly. With all our clients, regardless of what they pay, we provide tutoring and or video guide to walk you through all features you need to know to make updates to your site. We also provide three months of absolutely free tech support service, so you have nothing to worry about. Typically it only takes a few hours for someone to master what it takes to make updates and changes to their site.

Do you have payment options?

Yes! We make it affordable and attractive for everyone. We have budgets and payment plans to accommodate everyone from start-ups to corporations.

Will the web site you build look and function the same on a smart phone or tablet?

The website we design for you will be dynamic and responsive. Meaning your web site will work, look, and function the same on a tablet, on a smartphone or any other standard mobile device. All websites we build are design to be dynamic and scalable.

Will you guide us on how to maximize and increase our online presence and visibility?

Absolutely, we provide all our clients with both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords and phrases and search engine registrations as well as develop their social media asset pages for YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and any other that would be relevant to their target demographic to help increase their visibility and online ranking on search engines. You can also contact us with your questions. In addition our web site articles, our newsletter will provide you with tips and information on staying competitive.

How long will it take to build my web site?

Your website can take a little as 5 working days to complete but typically we allow for 2 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of your website and the amount of content in it. We will give you a scope of work that will indicate weekly deliverables and the content needed to meet our mutual deadlines to insure the timely completion of your web site and social media assets.


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Our Promise and commitment to you…

We will give your small business a “Big Advertising Madison Avenue” design look and function along with Fortune 500 marketing strategic know-how, so your business will not only stand out from any competition big or small, but will also be able to grow, acquire new customers… and succeed! We are ideal for businesses who want to work with a results driven professional marketing agency dedicated to their business success.

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